We Each Have a Story

by | Nov 16, 2013

We each have our own life and our own story. It is up to us to make it a good story or a sad one. Making the right choices is part of a good story and often we have to rectify the bad ones, if we can.

I often have to ask myself whether I trust in God or in my own ability. If I trust in myself more than in God, I will be disappointed, often walking in fear and anger as things don’t go “my way.” If I trust in God, He will reward me with divine guidance, wisdom, love, peace and above all, GRACE.

Why then do I still try to “go it alone?” Why then do I allow myself to often sit frustrated and angry (frequently a result of fear) before coming to Jesus? Is my own striving for independence so important? David Jeremiah says that “SELF” should not be the focal point of our lives. God’s plan for His children is to focus our thoughts, time and energy on loving Him and nothing else.

Why then don’t I just trust and obey right from the start? Will the road then be a smooth one? NO! because that is the way of the Lord, one of faltering steps and uncertainty, so that I can trust Him more and then, and only then, will I see the miracles of the Lord.

As I trust the Lord for the outcome, I do it expectantly. Expecting a mighty miracle and being ready to praise God for it. It is my prayer for each one reading this blog to have peace in the midst of pressure, and that you may turn your worries into prayers. God is worth trusting!


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