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About Nico van der Merwe

Nico van der Merwe and his wife, Anita, are the founders of the H.A.S.S. Group, a successful family business operating throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Their Group specialise in hearing health care and apart from distributing various international brands in the region, they also manufacture custom made hearing protection for the mining and industrial industries. They have 22 Ear Institutes in Southern Africa offering world class service. They are the founders of the Foundation for Children with a Hearing Loss in Southern Africa.

Nico is a recipient of the Ernst & Young Business Mover of the Year award and was awarded the prestigious Chancellors Medal by the Council and Senate of the University of Pretoria for his lifelong service to the deaf, including the establishment of the Eduplex School in Pretoria, South Africa.

He is a dedicated Christian, a fitness enthusiast and has had the privilege of visiting all seven continents more than once. He is also an international speaker on various Christian topics and the author of two books.


Readers Comments

Pastoring a church full of creative entrepreneurs is both challenging and richly rewarding. I constantly meet gifted and intelligent leaders. However the depth of Biblical wisdom I encountered in Nico and the application he makes of that wisdom in a contemporary business that operates at very high levels was humbling and profoundly moving to me. He and his book did not merely, or even mostly impress me because of the financial success he has enjoyed, but because I found myself wanting to know God and His word better. He is not merely a Christian who operates a business; he is a Christian who operates as a Christian in a biblical way. He and his book make a valuable contribution to the Global Christian family.


Nico van der Merwe, a successful Christian businessman, repacks a clear solution for our existential problems and that is: God knows; God has the answer to our life’s vacuums and He can fill it. With his personal experience of God he articulates the four pillars of Christianity, namely morality, honesty, compassion and commitment and their marvelous outcomes… In this book he comes up with the wonderful results of being a disciple of God in every corner of life – a life lived in the Coram Deo, in the presence of God. This book is a magnum opus for tough times in any component of life.