The business of busyness

by | Jun 17, 2013

As I travel to different countries, I see many people working very hard. The question is: Are they reaping a harvest in proportion to the planting of crops? Or is the planting more like a lot of busyness with little fruit to show for all the work? I have to ask this question of myself as well, as I have experienced that same situation of working hard but harvesting little. One doesn’t have to travel far to discover busyness.

Micah 6:14-15 says “…though you try and try to save money, it will come to nothing at the end, and what little you succeed in storing up I’ll (God will) give to those who conquer you! You will plant crops but not harvest them; you will press out the oil from the olives, and not have enough to anoint yourself! You will trample the grapes, but get no juice to make your wine”.

As I travel from one country to the next, handle project after project, and rush from one meeting to the next, there comes a time that I need to do a reality check and ask myself whether I am operating in my own strength or trusting God to do the miracles for me.

Micah 7: verses 7, 15, and 16 tell us of a better way: “As for me, I look to the Lord for His help; I wait for God to save me; He will hear me. (v. 15) Yes, replies the Lord, I will do mighty miracles for you …. (v. 16) All the world will stand amazed at what I will do for you…”

Then why do I still try and “go it alone (in my own strength)?”

David Jeremiah says that many of us are altogether too busy, running on overdrive, overextended in our schedules and underdeveloped in our souls. Instead of green pastures and still waters, we’re accustomed to clogged freeways and blaring cell phones.

David continues by saying that King Solomon was a good example of a man who was so busy in the work of God that he neglected his walk with God. The result? He developed a great empire and a lean soul.

Wow. Is this what I want? NO!

What should I do? I should take Isaiah 30:15 to heart. “In quietness and confidence shall be your strength…” As well, Jesus himself said “Let’s get away from the crowds for a while and rest.” (Mark 6:31)

And while I rest, I should not simply sit idly, but use the time for prayer and reflection. I should remember my journey (Micah 6:5b) and trust more…. pray more…. have more faith…. and fear less as “fear is the grim figure that turns aside success.” (God Calling, May 30).

And then?

Then God will renew my strength as I start trusting in Him rather than in myself and I start depending on Him rather than in my own ability. Once I fear less and trust more will I get peace, that peace that goes beyond all understanding and which I so desperately need.


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