Take Courage – It Is But A Season

by | Oct 16, 2017

I meet a lot of people on my travels, and many share their discouragement and stress. They see little or no future for their family in our country. Some emigrate, others work on Plan B, C and even D. The advice of so-called financial ‘gurus’ is so pessimistic that I wonder why they have not left.

And yet, God says, “Take courage … take courage and work, for I am with you … don’t be afraid.” (Haggai 2:4-5) The instruction is clear: take courage, work and don’t be afraid, for the Lord is with us.

As nature has seasons, so a business, a country and life has seasons, and seasons don’t last. They come and they go, and so I am reminded that tough times don’t last, but tough people do. The work is not done on the mountaintop, it is done in the valley where it is tough and where we have to dig, and plant, and sweat, and hopefully harvest … and it is in the valley where our character gets shaped according to God’s plan, not on the mountaintop. He never promised that it would be easy, and yet, I constantly try to get away from the cold winter in the valley, and long for sandy island beaches basking in the sun.

I cannot appreciate summer if I have not experienced the cold of winter. Let me not trust in my own ability, but let me trust and take courage in Jesus to also take me through this winter in my life. Therefore, let me not dwell on the past, “for I am doing a brand new thing. See, I have already begun! Don’t you see it? I will make a road through the wilderness … and create rivers in the desert!” (Isaiah 43:18 and 19)

Let me take courage – it is but a season.


  1. Martin

    Dankie Nic vir die wonderlike boodskap wat inspireer en met oorgawe aangestuur word om familie, vriende en kenisse ook te inspireer en te troos om nie te wil emigreer of weghardloop van probleme nie!

  2. James

    It brings me great joy to read your blog, hear your testimony and see your faith in the Lord, Thank you Nico!

  3. Ludwig Otto

    Hallo Nico, werklik waar baie en bemoedigend en presies waar ek nou was dit was ‘n 5 jaar van persoonlike groei en geestelike groei vir my en Marianda.

  4. Celeste

    Luke 12: 22+ _x000D_
    We need to be reminded over and over that He is in control and while climbing the mountain, not to look at how far we are from the peak, but rather look at how far we have climbed._x000D_
    Thanks, Nico!

  5. Wayne

    Every time I get your messages I find that it helps me have a better understanding of what I need to do, and how faith is so important.



  7. Simon

    Very encouraging indeed, let us take courage because of His promise!!Thank you Nico for the inspiring message.

  8. Andries

    Tenspyte van alles soek ons God se teenwoordigheid op.

  9. Pieter

    Very true words. Seasons come and go since the world was created. There are personal things we can change (e.g. stress) and things we must accept as part of being human on planet earth. Lets concentrate on those day to day challenges and do the best we can with joy and thanks giving that we are alive.

  10. Ronelle Steenekamp

    Wow – what an in season word! THANK YOU! #BEHOLDNEWTHINGS

  11. Jo-Anne Vorster

    Dit klink dalk soos ń ‘cliche’ maar dankie vir wat jy deel, dit is vandag vir my die bemoediging wat ek benodig. Bless you Nico!

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