Let your requests be made known!

by | Aug 18, 2012

Last week I talked about how as a new believer I was encouraged and amazed at how the Lord responded to a simple request. The story continues

Soon after this incident, I made another request known to the Lord. We were urgently seeking a pharmacist for one of our pharmacies. During my quiet time one morning, I asked the Lord to please send me a pharmacist. I added that it was an emergency and that I needed to find a manager before twelve noon!

At eleven o’clock, I received a phone call from the wife of a local pastor, enquiring whether we by any chance had a position available for a pharmacist. Again, I was utterly amazed and could hardly believe God’s goodness in providing that which I had asked of Him just a few hours earlier.

Not long after that incident, I had opportunity to receive the Lord’s practical wisdom for my business. I asked God to reveal to me whether we should continue with the second pharmacy we had purchased, or if I should consider closing the business. Three days later, our accountant phoned and informed me that preliminary calculations indicated that the second business had made a substantial loss. I immediately took this as the Lord’s confirmation that we should close it down and incorporate it into our first pharmacy, just further down the road.

A couple of months later, final audited figures revealed that we had actually made a small profit, but by then the second pharmacy had already been closed. The lessons learnt through these three experiences were: firstly, that you may seek the Lord’s help and guidance; secondly, that He does intervene when you ask according to His will; and thirdly, that He often uses circumstances or people to steer us in the right direction.


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