What do you have in your hand?

by | Jul 27, 2015

I am standing in a queue with a number of different people at Shoprite – waiting to pay the Eduplex and our Property Company’s water and light bills. A few people in the queue wait to buy a Lotto ticket – some clutching R10 in their hands…their last R10? I can see the desperation on their faces, ‘if only I can win something this time!’. If you are down to your last R10, you have probably exhausted all your options – and perhaps the Lotto is your only hope?

While waiting I think about my pressing needs. The millions for our new sports fields and our online university – a huge mountain before me. To whom can I go for help? The need for the Eduplex projects are so big that even the Lotto won’t help much. I realise that I need help from ‘somebody’ with infinite resources and I feel like turning the faces of the people standing in the queue to my only hope … God himself… and feel like yelling ‘Look to God and trust Him! He will provide, I can testify to that!’

I think about God’s promises over the years and how He promised in Isaiah 45:1-3 that He will level the mountain before me, break down the city gates and give me the dark treasures hidden in secret places… not to fatten myself but to do His will. And immediately doubt sets in – why would He help me… again? Because He promised and unlike me, God sticks to his promises.

I am reminded of the ‘ridiculous miracles’ God performed with people that had very little in their hands…

  • The widow and her son that gave their last meal to feed Elijah – see 1 Kings 17:12-14
    …12 But she said, “As the LORD your God lives, I have no bread, only a handful of flour in the bowl and a little oil in the jar; and behold, I am gathering a few sticks that I may go in and prepare for me and my son, that we may eat it and die.” 13 Then Elijah said to her, “Do not fear; go, do as you have said, but make me a little bread cake from it first and bring it out to me, and afterward you may make one for yourself and for your son. 14 “For thus says the LORD God of Israel, ‘The bowl of flour shall not be exhausted, nor shall the jar of oil be empty, until the day that the LORD sends rain on the face of the earth.‘”…They gave what they had, their last meal… in faith, and they were not disappointed as they saw the miracle unfold in front of their very eyes.
  • Dawid only had a few stones … and his faith in God, and Goliath was slain.
  • The boy only had a loaf of bread and a few small fishes … and thousands were fed… Jesus doing the impossible.
  • Moses only had a staff … and many miracles followed – but he had to have faith, and be obedient.

What do I have in my hand? We all have something. All I need to do is release it to God for His use – and stand amazed at what God is going to do. Why am I then holding on so tightly to the little I have? Where is my faith? Where is my trust in God to do the impossible? If I need more faith, I need to spend more time with Him. But then I also need to trust Him and be obedient to His guidance. And then, then the Creator of the universe will help me as He makes the impossible…possible.

Its only in trusting Him that my fear, my anxiousness and my sleepless nights subside as I stand amazed at what God is busy doing – far above what I could ask, or even pray for, far beyond my wildest dreams.

As I stand in the queue I realise that I need to trust God and God alone for the sports fields and the university. That I want to encourage the people also standing in the queue, yes, even with their last R10, to…

  • Trust God for their finances…Lord show them new opportunities!
  • Trust God for their marriages…Lord open their eyes to see their spouse in a new way!
  • Trust God for a new direction for our country… Lord, show us the way!
  • Trust God also with our lives… because He alone is our Saviour.

Let me bring what I have in my hand in faith, even if it is a bit of flour, a piece of bread, or only R10….and trust God to make the impossible, possible.


  1. buy nba 2k17 mt

    You always know the right thing to say.

  2. Henkie

    I believe this is a very seasoned Word from the Lord. It is the 3rd Word along these lines (use what God has placed in your hand) that I have heard the past 4 weeks.

    Thanks Nico for the great encouragement.

  3. des kiely

    Thank you for your message , What does God know about business. My personal journey is changing my life as I discover and nurture my relationship with God

  4. Wayne Staab

    If we all had such faith, it would make for a better world.

  5. Eddie Robinson

    Thank you Nico We heard a pastor last week speak about the staff that was in Moses’ hand. When it was in his hand, it was Moses’ staff. He obeyed God and threw it down, once God told him to pick it up, it was no longer Moses’ staff but God’s. He said the same thing. Throw down what you have in your hand and let God turn it into His thing, then pick it up and know it is God’s instrument now.

  6. Heidi Taylor

    Thank you Nico. This was just what I needed to read/hear today and at this time in my life. God Bless

  7. Mike Wannenburg

    Dankie Vriend, Ons glo saam en bid saam vir die wonderwerk. marein het ook Sondag spesifiek by die Biduur vir die hele Eduplex gebid. Mike

  8. Celeste

    I can only confirm your writing and your faith. I have been on the receiving and viewing side of miracles in my, friends’ and my family’s lives. Thanks for the reminder.

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