The other side of the coin

by | Apr 13, 2022

The Other Side of the coin

A few months ago I climbed 400 steps in a tour in Siena and hurt my Achilles. An Achilles takes a long time to heal and is a rather painful experience. At times I was pitying myself for not being as active as I usually are. This Achilles was holding me back! I have things to do, mountains to conquer and projects to complete – until God steps in.

After many shockwave treatments and a lot of TLC from my physio I am grateful to say that healing is slowly setting in – I just need to remember to also do my part!

Suddenly God took me on a whirlwind unexpected visit to a few friends I have not seen for some time. I was shocked to see them struggling with their health, some battling to walk and others having difficulty even standing up or holding a fork. One friend is in ICU whom I am not allowed to see – but I can visit him in prayer.

When I saw the other side of the coin, my own aches and pains, that was such a big deal to me, became insignificant and a deep sense of gratitude rose in my heart towards God and the grace He has poured out over me over many years. My mind, body and soul is still intact and I realised I should be careful not to take it for granted – my health (and my riches) can disappear in an instant, like a cloud of mist.

Anita says that every man over 40 is responsible for his own face. I need to look after myself – sleep well, continue to exercise regularly (yes, my 6 days a week training schedule is perhaps a bit over the top!) eat healthy and not neglect going for regular check-ups – sudden high blood pressure, high blood glucose levels and other ills seem to creep up on us like a thief in the night! Neglecting my health can lead to serious and unnecessary health problems – even death, and I have a responsibility towards God, my family, my staff and myself to look after it as best I can!

I am reminded of 1 Timothy 4:8 (The Message)

Workouts in the gymnasium are useful, but a disciplined life in God is far more so, making you fit both today and forever.

A wonderful warning for me today –  I must do the one (healthy lifestyle) and not neglect the other, the one thing that is most important to God, my relationship with Him, making me fit both today and forever.

Lord, help me to seek you with all my heart so that I will become spiritually fit both today and forever. Amen.   


  1. Cora Pieterse

    Baie danki Nico ….Jy deel altyd sulke pragtige Wyshede met ons…. ons gesondheid is net sooo ‘n groot blessing van die Here!!

  2. Doug

    I have also had a knee replacement and worked on recovering by pushing harder than most and the rewards are amazing!! Thanks to help from above!!!

  3. Celeste

    Amen en amen!!

    Die lewe vlieg verby en ons vergeet dat ons naak , skreeuend en met gebalde vuiste en entoesiasme in die lewe gekom het en weer naak en soms bitter swak, sal vertrek.

  4. Pat

    Amen, body, mind and spirit. But most important is spirit and often we get it the wrong way around. Thanks for the reminder Nico.

  5. Mounien

    Wow Dankie

  6. Mieke

    Baie dankie Nico!

  7. Fanie

    Baie dankie Nico

  8. Charles

    Dankie Nico, Great stuk!


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