I Don’t Read

by | May 31, 2021

I don’t read…

Probably the three words I hear most when I ask people (especially men) whether they read.

Involuntarily I wonder how they hear God’s voice and receive His guidance if they don’t read. How do you distinguish the Holy Spirit’s voice amongst the cacophony of sounds that bombard our senses and thoughts every day if we don’t get confirmation from His word?

Surely, if I say I am a Christian, and have a relationship with Jesus, I need to cultivate that relationship by spending (quality) time with Him.
Time with Jesus cannot be rushed.

Over the years, through prayer and reading of His word (including some daily devotionals), the Holy Spirit has taken me on unimaginable journeys, opened doors I never thought possible and helped me walk through them, rather than turn away in fear. And let us remind ourselves that fear is the grim figure that turns away success. I always remind myself of how Jesus encouraged his disciples in John 14:1+27(b)

“Let not your hearts be troubled. You are trusting God, now trust in Me. Don’t be troubled or afraid…”

One Sunday morning I felt the Holy Spirit encourage me to read John’s gospel which I have not done for some time. That morning Anita and I watched a TV sermon of our church (still closed due to Covid regulations) and I was very surprised when our pastor said “Today I am going to preach out of Johan’s gospel.” Had I not had my quiet time and been obedient to the soft whispering of the Holy Spirit in my heart, I would have missed the blessing.

How many blessings have I missed by either ‘lying in’ or not having been obedient, distracted by die urgent rather than the important? How many blessings have I missed being too lazy to get up early to spend time with God in prayer and reading? How many times have I missed the Holy Spirit’s guidance and confirmation from God’s word because I was too lazy to seek because ‘I don’t read’; too lazy to spend time with Jesus with our thoughts flitting from one ‘urgent task to the next’, rather than tending to that that has real meaning and substance – unrushed, quality time alone with God. How many ….

May God have mercy on me.


  1. Collin De Villiers

    Dankie vir die broederlike uitdaging Nico. Ek lees maar na ek jou blog gelees het wil ek meer lees. _x000D_
    Vader gee my ‘n nuwe honger en begeerte na U Woord en Gees asb?_x000D_
    Leaders are readers.

  2. Martin Wannenburg

    Dankie Nico! Die voorbeeld van ons rol-modelle (jy) en die kosbare gedagtes van dae wat was en die toekoms wat voorlê! Dankie vir die voorbeeld en die insette! Soos klippies in die bos wat ons bemoedig om ons oë op Hom te hou.

  3. cora

    Baie dankie Nico……dis nou die kosbaarste woord wat ek vandag moes lees en hoor !!!!

  4. Mias Strauss

    Dankie Nico dat jy die verantwoorlikheid neem om getrou te wees aan die Heilige Gees se opdrag

  5. Simon Matlhare

    Thank you so much for the inspiration and encouragement. We need that moment to talk to the Holy Spirit.

  6. Charles van Onselen

    Thank you Nico for sharing, it is a timely and necessary word of encouragement, God’s richest blessings over you


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