Digging Ditches

by | Dec 10, 2018

Make this valley full of ditches – you will see neither wind nor rain, yet this valley will be filled with water, and you, your cattle and your other animals will drink. This is an easy thing in the eyes of the Lord.” (2 Kings 3:16-18)

Over the years I have literally taken hundreds, if not thousands, of visitors through the Eduplex. Sharing with them the miracles God has performed not only in the establishment of the facilities, but also in the lives of our deaf children. I show them videos of our deaf children’s first visit with little or no spoken language and when they leave school years later, how confident they are and eloquently they speak (without sign language). People are truly amazed.

Every tour feels like a ditch that I am digging in a dry valley for our children – we have numerous deaf children dependent on financial support and not everybody has the means to help. Most visitors only see the buildings, some see the children and few see the mighty works of God.

And yet, at times God expect from us to show and extraordinary act of faith – by digging ditches in a dry valley, especially when there is no wind or rain in sight. All we need to do is stand firm and see the deliverance the Lord will bring (Ex 14:13) because nothing is too difficult for Him! He will bless extraordinary and simple acts of faith (digging ditches) with extraordinary blessings – “the next morning there it was!…the land was filled with water.” (Streams in the Desert 7 December)

Just like the widow’s oil in 2 Kings 4 “Go borrow vessels at large for yourself from all the neighbours, even empty vessels, do not get a few…” a simple act of faith, against all odds, resulting in a mighty blessing.

And as I look back I see God has filled ditches dug in faith with ‘water’ – one ditch at a time. The past few weeks many ditches have been filled as God send generous people into our valley – against all odds. It was difficult for me, but it was an easy thing in the eyes of the Lord.

Come my friend, let us dig ditches in faith and against all odds, with no wind or rain in sight, and allow God to fill them with His blessing. Ordinary acts of faith are blessed by an extraordinary God – to whom nothing is impossible. Let us then stand firm in prayer and see the deliverance God will bring.


  1. Nic Venter

    Ons God is sooo goed, wonderbaarlik goed!

  2. Wayne Staab

    Beautiful words, but even better, real actions of faith. Thank you Nico.

  3. Mike Wannenburg

    Dankie Vriend, Hierdie is voorwaar ‘n getuienis vir ons almal. _x000D_

  4. Eddie Robinson

    Goeie woord. Dankie Nico.

  5. Heidi Taylor

    Thank you for this encouragement Nico. I felt God speaking to me through the story of the Widow and the oil during the GLS Summit and now to read it again is awesome. Sometimes it feels like ordinary acts of faith take extra ordinary courage but the blessings will flow.

  6. Louise Horrell

    Inspirerend 🙂 baie mooi.. Dankie!

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