VISION – Dare to dream…BIG!

“WOW what a testimony with tears in my eyes I have finished reading the Vision and started with Hope that God will talk to me! I am feeling empty and desperate to fulfill my purpose! Your book has given me hope…what a Journey!”

Shameera Zaid – Johannesburg

“Vision is a phenomenal inspiration and easy to read!”

Corné Nel – Paarl, Cape

“VISION opens your eyes to a God at work through ordinary people. Our God does far more than we can ever dream. VISION is a MUST read for young and old!”

Dr Johan van Schalkwyk – Hermanus

“Vision – WOW! What a fantastic testimony! This book made me realise that nothing is impossible when you listen to and trust God. This book made me realise that we should not be afraid to fail and try again and again.”

James Black – Pretoria

“This book has stirred something deep inside me. I need to start THINKING BIG. This testimony will be a beacon for many.”

Cindy Gilchrist – Hermanus

“This book testifies off Gods provision and the phenomenal things that God can do for us and through us when we surrender our will to Him, trust Him and seek His will in scripture and prayer.”

Dr Charl van der Merwe – Paarl, Cape

“Thank you so much for your wonderful book. It is incredible to read of such testimonies. It was a true ‘eye opener’ and answered some questions that I have been struggling with for several years.”

Japie van Greuning – Pretoria


“The finest book in the world!”

Dylan Bester

“I don’t often read books about successful Christian businessmen willing to discuss their fears, failures and successes especially coming from African soil. I could not put the book down.”

Andre Levendal

“I believe your book has changed my son’s life.”

Kobie Klerck – Botswana

“I found your book to be sincere, powerful and full of truth in practice. I truly admire the author’s honesty and obedience to God.”

Disepo Pesa – Pretoria

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