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The business of busyness

As I travel to different countries, I see many people working very hard. The question is: Are they reaping a harvest in proportion to the planting of crops? Or is the planting more like a lot of busyness with little fruit to show for all the work? I have to ask this question of myself as well, as I have experienced that same situation of working hard but harvesting little. One doesn’t have to travel far to discover busyness.

Micah 6:14-15 says “…though you try and try to save money, it will come to nothing at the end, and what little you succeed in storing up I’ll (God will) give to those who conquer you! You will plant crops but not harvest them; you will press out the oil from the olives, and not have enough to anoint yourself! You will trample the grapes, but get no juice to make your wine”.

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A monument of unbelief

Now and again I make notes in the daily devotionals that I read about pressing matters that I may pray about. The past week I saw some notes I made a year ago while we were looking at temporary classrooms to finish our high school. I remember the temporary asbestos classrooms (of all things) we sat in during my Primary School years and how hot they were in summer and how cold they were in winter.

Last year we needed to construct the next phase of the high school with very little money (R 27’000) and whenever I prayed about the problem, I felt God encouraging me with these words, “you must never doubt, never worry, but step by step, the way to freedom must be trodden. This means no worry, no anxiety, but it does not mean no effort……. how often, when sometimes you little know it, do I go before you to prepare the way, to soften a heart here, to overrule there.” (God Calling 24 April).

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Remember your journey

Last week we celebrated the 11th year of the Eduplex Pre-school. While watching the excited children waiting for their cupcakes and soft drinks during the songs and principal’s speech, I could not help thinking of God’s immeasurable grace bestowed on me and my family during the construction of the Eduplex.

The principal reminded the children of God’s vision (to change deaf education) that He gave me in 1992, and how they are also part of that vision today, 21 years later.

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We Live in a Whole New World

A recent Time magazine highlights the use of drones not only in the US Military operations but also by estate agents, law enforcement, and farmers. How things have changed! And, the more things change, the more stress is created as we sometimes battle to keep up.

It seems like yesterday that I wrote a letter to our suppliers asking for the distribution of our products in Southern Africa. They advised me to buy a Telex machine to expedite communication. Soon after that, the Fax machine arrived and shortly after that came the internet and e-mail. We were told we will have 2-3 hours a day “extra time” (due to all these conveniences) and that our workload will be much lighter. Exactly the opposite happened. Our smartphones now keep us connected 24/7/365 year in and year out—never giving us a chance to get away from the office or people seeking our attention, advice and decisions. We can rarely just “switch-off” and spend quality time with our loved ones.

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2013 – Let us pray like never before

Every December, while relaxing with the family at our holiday home, I have time to pray about the year ahead. Every new year seems to have more and more demands and knowing what the Lord wants me to do becomes more and more difficult as the challenges grow…. and (hopefully) also the lessons I have learnt and still have to learn.

Every year, at our very first meeting, I ask our Thursday morning prayer group what each one’s spiritual aims are for the year ahead… because if you aim at nothing, you are sure to hit it. This year my aim is to try and not let my heart be troubled … and not to fear. (John 14:1 + 27(b))

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