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The Problem with Problems

It’s early morning and I have been awake since 02:00 am, turning and tossing and thinking of all my problems. Why are there so many problems on the project that I am busy with? Why is everything going wrong? Why is it that there is a rock around every corner – literally and figurative?

That is when doubt sets in. Am I busy with my thing or God’s thing? Am I outside of God’s will? Is He saying something to me and I am not listening? Many hear, very few listen and even less do! Am I moving in my own power instead of walking in the Spirit? – as God commanded me in Zechariah 4:6 “Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit,” says the Lord Almighty…”you will succeed because of my Spirit, though you are few and weak. Therefore no mountain, however high, can stand before Zerubbabel (me!) For it will flatten out before him!” (me!)

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Discouragement – Satan’s stock in trade

I had the opportunity of travelling to a number of countries the past year. One thing I noticed was that a lot of people were very discouraged – many of whom are Christians. In South Africa folk are discouraged about the politics, crime and striking mine workers dragging the country down; in the USA about the economic situation and the job reports, and in Europe about the economic situation.

As Christians we pray and ask for wisdom, insight and understanding to try and understand what is going on and at times we are so discouraged we wonder whether our faith is real … or only empty words. Little do we realise that trials are often sent to test us…. so that what we know in our minds will become part of our hearts.

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Unguarded strengths are double weaknesses (Part 2)

The second example is about the search in the past 4 weeks for new premises in Johannesburg for one of our Ear Institutes. We looked at various properties and eventually found the “perfect” property approximately 1 mile from our current premises. We have a number of requirements for a property including:

1. Positioning – preferably on a busy corner / main road with good visibility
2. Must be able to erect proper sign boards that will advertise our business 24/7
3. Easy entrance and exit for our elderly patients with ample safe parking
4. Well maintained property with space for future expansion

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Unguarded strengths are double weaknesses (Part 1)

I have often thought about the meaning behind the saying that an unguarded strength is a double weakness. Frequently we pray about something and when God answers us, we immediately start implementing what we have prayed about, sometimes continuing over many months or even years, without even asking God what He had in mind now that He gave the go-ahead. I’d like to share with you two specific incidents that made me understand more clearly the meaning of the above.

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Miracle One: The Lord provides an unexpected gift

In December 1988, our family went on vacation to one of the most beautiful spots in the world, a fishing village called Hermanus, located between mountains and the sea, approximately one and a half hours’ drive from Cape Town. Though 1,000 miles away from Pretoria, we managed to get there in one day.

Along with some friends, we rented a holiday home in Vermont, approximately four miles to the west of Hermanus. Anita and I thought it would be a privilege to have a holiday home in the Cape in order to enjoy the warm summer days and cool Atlantic sea breeze at night. During the winter, Hermanus is also a wonderful spot for watching southern right whales frolicking in the bay.

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