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VISION – Dare to dream…BIG!
The amazing Eduplex story.
Published November 2016

About the book

VISION will encourage every reader to follow his dream. It’s a story of success and failure, obedience and, at times, disobedience. You will stand amazed at how God leads, provides and blesses the author as he shares important lessons learnt along his journey. Miracle upon miracle testifies to the fact that God is truly still at work today.

Readers Comments

“Your testimony brought tears to my eyes. What a story!”
James Black – Pretoria

“Vision is a phenomenal inspiration and easy to read!”
Corné Nel – Paarl, Cape

“This book has stirred something deep inside me. I need to start THINKING BIG. This testimony will be a beacon for many.”
Cindy Gilchrist – Hermanus

“I loved reading VISION. I was particularly moved by the battle between mind and heart and shared this with my team.”
Dr Charles Lubbe – Pretoria

What does God know about Business?
Making the right decisions in tough times.
Published August 2010
Amazon 5 star rating

About the book

This moving testimony explores the ways in which each of us can bring God into our everyday lives, and touches on such deeply personal and spiritual issues as integrity, adversity, the fear of failure, lust, materialism, pride, debt free living and burnout. It provides practical answers to some of life’s many challenges. This story of one man’s journey with God will encourage you to develop the kind of faith that puts God at the centre of your life, both at home and in the workplace.

Readers Comments

“I enjoy reading the biographies of people who have made a positive impact on the world around them, such as Jack Welch, Raymond Ackerman, Rudolph Giuliani and Nico van der Merwe. I have learnt a great deal from these men and have been able to extend my arsenal of ideas.”
Albert Neizel – George South Africa

“Nico thank you for writing this book, it really helped me to understand how God can talk to me during my quite time. I have started doing some of the things you suggested and it changed my life.”
Nita – verified comment on Amazon.

“An excellent and a must for any person, especially if you are in business. Very inspiring!!! and has the power to take your business to a greater new level.”
Priscilla – verified comment on Amazon

“Wonderful book, very motivational and strengthening of one’s own faith. It has opened my eyes to how to make God your partner in your business.”
Christa – verified comment on Amazon.

“This book is a magnum opus for tough times in any component of life.”
Prof. Kobus de Smidt – Pretoria